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Possibly the best investment in your confidence you will ever make. 

“I have found this program truly life-changing!”

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Do you;

  • struggle to find the time and energy to get what you want?
  • have a negative, destructive or critical inner voice?
  • feel like an imposter at home or at work?
  • overthink, procrastinate, worry about and/or avoid important things?
  • want to communicate your needs more confidently?
  • want to develop deep, unshakeable resilience?
  • want to develop deep self-awareness and a positive mindset?


If so, then this 12-week intervention might be the best investment you ever make.

What can you expect?

  • Ten one-hour coaching sessions with a qualified Positive Intelligence Coach
  • Interactive PDF workbook
  • Weekly activities to provoke deep thinking and self-reflection
  • App-based accountability
  • Daily gamified activities designed to reprogram your thinking
  • Personal assessments
  • Positive Intelligence audiobook
  • Metal fitness virtual gym
  • 1:1 and group options

Why The Power Project?

Developing new mental habits, deeper resilience and unshakeable self-confidence doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen quicker than you might expect.

We licence the incredible mental fitness program from Positive Intelligence; brainchild of Stanford University Professor, Shirzad Chamine, and blend it with expert coaching, weekly accountability and mind-altering reflective exercises to create a totally personalised, hugely powerful 12-week intervention.

What is the Positive Intelligence system?

Positive Intelligence was developed at Stanford University and works on the principle that our brains have evolved to prioritise our fundamental safety; often at the expense of happiness, health or achievement.

With their scientifically backed, user-friendly methods, you will work to become an effective manager of your mind, enabling you to increase your confidence, reduce your fear, improve your creativity and better connect with others.Visit www.positiveintelligence.com/program for more information.

What is the investment?

1:1 option: £1,998 +VAT per person

Group option: £998 +VAT per person (4-6 people)

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