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1. Do you struggle to find ways to say ‘no’ comfortably?

2. Are you prone to catastrophizing and getting stuck in negative thought loops?

3. Do you take criticism and negative feedback deeply personally?

4. Are you surrounded by people who are cautious, controlling or jealous and would rather you play it safe?

5. Are you quick to justify, to yourself and others, why you should stay within your comfort zone?

6. Do you have good intentions for positive growth habits and routines but they often get sidelined for the same old habits and patterns?

7. Do you feel that what happens to you on a day-to-day basis is outside of your control?

8. Do you struggle to imagine a positive vision of the future that you feel is achievable?

9. Do you rely on external validation or circumstances to feel confident, often using the phrase “I'll be more confident when/if…”?

10. Is your self-care often the first thing to be sacrificed when the going gets tough?

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