Welcome to
The Power Room

The Power Room is your chance to step out of your day-to-day life, reflect, recalibrate and take that powerful step in the right direction. Your time and focus is precious and our mission is to leave you feeling uplifted, confident, energised and empowered as you emerge from the other side of our time together.

Lucy Cox welcoming you to the Power Room.
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Your Power Room session Zoom link:

Use this link to join at the scheduled time:

Meeting ID: 433 396 7533

Passcode: cVWk80

There will be a coffee and lunch break in both workshops, but these will be Ninja-quick. Past cohorts have found it useful to pre-prepare lunch and snacks to save them time during the breaks. We are very happy for you to continue eating and drinking during the sessions if you need to.

Before you start...

To help get you into the spirit of The Power Room and to ensure that you come in to the experience with a clear aim, we ask that you find some quiet time (if you can!) and complete the  pre-work interactive worksheet by clicking the button below.

There is no Power Room Police monitoring whether or not you complete this pre-work (because we know fitting all this in can be tough), but you WILL get more from The Power Room if you complete it. Most of our discussions in session one will be based around this pre-work:

Feedback Exercise

A huge part of the process of regaining your Power is about developing your self-awareness. To help you, we have designed a short feedback exercise that we would like you to complete before you embark on your Power Room journey. We will be discussing the results of this in your first session.  

We recognise that this may feel uncomfortable to do, but we encourage you to lean into the discomfort and play the game.

Please ask the following questions to at least ten different people. You may feel confident going wider and using something like a social media post as a tool for this, or perhaps carefully curating a message to a trusted group would feel safer. It doesn’t matter so much how you choose to do it, just have a go. The questions to ask them are; 

  • What do you think am I good at?
  • When have you seen me at my best?
  • What should I do more of?
  • What should I do less of?
  • What can you rely on me for?
  • Where do you think I could stretch myself more?

You can log the feedback you receive and reflect on any actions you want to take on the worksheet.

A note on confidentiality

We will be discussing some sensitive issues, and it is important that what is discussed in The Power Room remains strictly confidential, however we appreciate that life sometimes has to continue around us. Therefore well behaved kids, pets, colleagues and partners are welcome in the background, but we do ask that if you have others in the same room, to please wear headphones to respect the privacy of your fabulous cohort. To get the very best experience from The Power Room, we would always recommend a private space where you can speak freely.

Your Personal Assessment

Finally, we invite all our Power Room attendees to take a very quick personal assessment that will help you to identify areas you might be sabotaging your chances of success. This should take no more than about three minutes and it is frighteningly accurate! If you can bring these results into the first Power Room session, we will be using them in one of our activities.

Simply click this link and follow the instructions https://assessment.positiveintelligence.com/saboteur/instructions

Additional needs

We aim to make The Power Room a fully inclusive experience, but we need your help to stay ahead of any specific additional needs you may have. If you suspect, or have been diagnosed with, any neuro-diversity, or have any learning challenges that you think might impact on your experience of The Power Room, please get in touch and let me know in full confidence. I will do my best to make any adaptations needed.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

Can’t wait to see you there!