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Silence Your Inner Critic?

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Meeting ID: 433 396 7533
Passcode: cVWk80

Before you log on, be sure to have a drink to hand and that you are somewhere quiet and comfortable so you are ready to really get involved.

The essentials:

 Your Personal Assessment
An key part of what we will be discussing in the session is your own “brand” of self-sabotage. We use an incredible system to identify your saboteurs, expertly developed at Stanford University, called Positive Intelligence. To make this Masterclass as personalised and relevant to you as possible we ask that you take this very quick online assessment and have your results to hand. Allow approximately five minutes to complete. 

Simply click this link and follow the instructions:
Below is the worksheet we will be using in the Masterclass. This is a fully interactive PDF and can be written on and saved from your device, but you may prefer to print it out and stick with a pen. Either is fine!
We aim to make everything we do as inclusive as possible, but we need your help to stay ahead of any specific additional needs you may have. If you suspect, or have been diagnosed with, any neuro-diversity, or have any learning challenges that you think might impact on your experience, please get in touch and let me know in full confidence. I will do my best to make any adaptations needed.
Emotional safety
The topics of our inner critic, Imposter Syndrome and self-confidence can be quite emotionally triggering for many of us, so it is important that I advise you to remain responsible for your own emotional safety. If you need to take a break, or refrain from participating in any of the exercises, you have my full permission.

It's time to silence that inner critic and find your power!