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“This is the most valuable, insightful, practical and well-run course I have been on for years!” – Olivia Beckwith 

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You are in the right place if;

  • your low self-confidence is holding you back
  • you are constantly catastrophising and overthinking
  • your people pleasing is out of control
  • your stress levels are starting to impact your health and relationships
  • you thought you would be further ahead by now, but can’t seem to get it together
  • you are totally over it and want to find a confident way forward

The Magic of The Power Room

Most people want to know what they can expect from their time in The Power Room, and whether it really works. After all, it sounds too good to be true, right?

This award-winning confidence intervention is tried-and-tested, results-driven and meticulously backed by leading research.

Across our Power Room alumni we have measured a consistent and sustained 41% increase in confidence, 49% increase in energy and a 43% increase in motivation. 

Ask yourself, how your life would change with these improvements?

What can I expect from The Power Room?

  • ZOOM-based, coach-led, live, interactive weekly workshops over seven weeks.
  • A comprehensive, interactive PDF workbook to keep and re-use
  • All assessments, coaching and exercises, expertly delivered
  • A small, supportive peer group who know exactly how you feel
  • Much-needed space to reflect, regroup, learn and plan
  • A light-hearted, safe and informative experience
  • Significant long-term shifts in your confidence, clarity, energy and motivation

Is it recorded so I can catch up at other times?

No. The Power Room will always be live and a completely confidential, safe space. What is discussed in The Power Room stays in The Power Room! It is important that you can make all the sessions, but we appreciate life has to happen. We welcome babies, pets and well behaved partners!

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Why The Academe?

Our small, friendly team are personal experts when it comes to low confidence and self-esteem. We have been there and experienced it all first-hand, and lead with total empathy first and foremost.

In addition, we are qualified, experienced coaches and facilitators who have helped hundreds of individuals and teams to find their inner power.

We have won multiple National awards for our work and are proud of our growing corporate and individual client-base of forward-thinking, courageous (and now, confident) humans.

Email us at hello@theacademe.co.uk to register your interest or to find out more.


Welcome to The Power Room!

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