Take back
your Power

Silence your inner bully and reclaim your confidence.

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Want to know a secret?

You have everything you need to feel confident, right now!

You don’t need more qualifications, more experience or more followers, to change the way you look or to be more like ‘them’.

When we place conditions on our ability to feel confident, we strap ourselves to a rollercoaster with someone else holding the controls.

We are on a mission to create confident humans, and you are not here by accident. You are finally ready to stop;

  • procrastinating
  • overthinking
  • avoiding
  • controlling
  • catastrophising
  • perfecting
  • pleasing


Our programmes will help you...

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Build Resilience

  • build emotional intelligence
  • be more proactive
  • be kinder to yourself and others
  • bounce back faster
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Develop Self Worth

  • priorotise your needs
  • confidently say ‘no’
  • improve your personal and professional relationships
  • reduce self-criticism
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Get Motivated

  • supercharge your energy
  • identify what matters to you
  • set meaningful, achievable goals
  • develop accountability
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Feel Empowered

  • make better decisions that serve you
  • find your sense of purpose
  • gain clarity and confidence
  • get real, impactful results

What we offer

The Power Room

An award-winning, two-day, highly interactive, accessible and impactful workshop delivered via ZOOM; ideal for anyone who wants space and time to deeply reflect, gain more clarity, and feel more empowered, energised and confident.

The Power Room combines the latest developments in NLP, Coaching, Neuroscience, Psychology and Performance Science and leaves you with a renewed sense of clarity, energy, motivation and confidence.

The Power Project

Our ultimate confidence program, described as ‘life-changing’ by Power Project alumni. Ideal for anyone wanting to create life-long, unshakeable confidence and who are ready to do the work. 

This 12-week intensive confidence intervention uses a combination of expert coaching, gamified activities, app-based accountability, assessments and cutting edge techniques licenced directly from Stanford University to permanently reprogramme the mind for greater confidence, mental fitness and emotional regulation.

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What a powerful course with useful content and tools that I can take into my working and personal life.. I got so much out of the sessions by throwing myself into it and digging deep. I now feel equipped and motivated to make some impactful changes which I know will positively affect different areas of my life.

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