How much is your low self-confidence costing you (personally)?

I was part of a panel for a entrepreneurs pitching session yesterday, and one of my co-panellists said something along the lines of, love it or hate it, everything ultimately comes down to money. If you can help people see the financial losses they are experiencing through inaction vs the potential financial gains from investing in what you offer, then you get their attention and most likely, their businesses.

 Wise words!
It got me thinking about how, as individuals, we spend so much money on things to make us feel temporarily more confident, and how much we would save if we didn’t need these little superficial boosts. It’s worth remembering that a lot of industries do very well from our low self-confidence!
Don’t get me wrong, doing something because you love to do it and it brings you joy, is different from a fear-based attempt to cover up a perceived inadequacy, and only you know the difference.
If you are driven to ‘keep up with the Jones’, or else others will see you are somehow less than, it’s time to check in with yourself.
What are you scared people will realise about you if you remove the expensive gloss?
How would having an unshakeable core of self-confidence change what you choose to spend your money on?
On the other end of the spectrum, this comment also made me reflect on just how many HUGE financial gains many of our clients have experienced because of their increased confidence.
Pay rises, job changes, business growth and boundary setting. It all adds up in the bank balance!
This post doesn’t even touch on the money wasted and the loss of potential revenue business owners experience by having a workforce with lowered confidence. I feel that’s a post for another day!