Five reasons you will never regret investing in your teams' self-confidence

Here are five reasons why investing in your teams' self-confidence might just be the best investment you make in your business;

1. Confident humans are happy humans. By removing individuals’ need to consistently prove their value, gain confidence via external validation, and avoid the deep slumps of negative thinking and catastrophising, you will notice a marked difference in overall mood and positivity of your team.
2. Investment in company-wide self-confidence is like giving a full service and oil change for your people. Studies have shown that team members are significantly more productive, innovative, collaborative, focused, calm and resilient, and the business can only benefit from those shifts.
3. Confident team members are likely to stay longer in a job as they are comfortable asking for what they need rather than slope away and quietly hope they find it with another employer. They are also more boundaried meaning that they are less resentful of other team members or the job as a whole.
4. Leaders are able to be both vulnerable and honest without fear of judgment, AND confidently stand up for their teams more effectively. This results in better team:leader relations, and consequently increased staff retention and more promotion from within.
5. If you have a happy, creative, resilient, productive, collaborative, focused and empathetic workforce that feel loyal and committed to the company and the leadership team, your reputation as an employer will sky-rocket! Your team will be your biggest advocates.
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