Did you choose to keep the good stuff?

Sometimes we just need a shake by the shoulders to see our situation for what it is.
Recently this question did just that for me…

“Where are you pursuing comfort over the discomfort to get what you want?”
That hit me in the gut.
Often it is too easy to stay in our comfort zones and find all the reasons needed to not do the uncomfortable stuff, then ten years pass and we wonder why we haven’t made the progress we thought we would or should have.
This is why coaching is such a powerful tool for anyone who is serious about personal and professional growth. We all get derailed by our hard-wired need to stay safe and it is almost impossible not to totally buy into our own stories and choose comfort over discomfort.
So take a moment now to answer this question as honestly as you can. Where are YOU pursuing comfort over the discomfort to get what you want?
List them out and then bullet three things you could do outside of your comfort zone that would move you towards getting what you want.
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