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The Power Room

The award-winning, science-backed confidence intervention for teams.

“All organisations should be running the power room regularly. It’s empowering and reflective. It’s brilliant to get a chance to connect with colleagues and break down stigmas of vulnerability. Really amazing!!” Crowdfunder UK

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Do your teams;

  • struggle with innovation and creativity?
  • have dominant members who often take over?
  • have introverted members who struggle to be heard?
  • lean too heavily on perfectionism and low risk activities?
  • have the potential for greater productivity?
  • experience petty conflicts they struggle to resolve?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you are in the right place. 

How can The Power Room help?

This award-winning four-part program is tried-and-tested, results-driven and meticulously backed by leading research to give your people a happier, healthier, more confident, productive and collaborative outlook.

Team members are brought together and, through expert facilitation, coaching and guided activities, will have powerful conversations which bring the ‘human’ back into their relationships.

Most importantly, space for deep self-reflection and personal strategy is an integral part of the experience, leading to long-lasting, impactful changes for every participant.

What can your team expect from The Power Room?

  • Ten hours of ZOOM-based, coach-led, live, interactive workshop over four sessions
  • A comprehensive, interactive PDF workbook to keep and re-use
  • All assessments, coaching and exercises, expertly delivered
  • Much-needed space to reflect, regroup, learn and plan
  • A light-hearted, safe and informative experience
  • Significant long-term shifts in confidence, clarity, energy and motivation


What results can we expect?

We consistently measure client experience to ensure we are delivering maximum impact. We are proud to report that to date, on average businesses have reported;

  • 41% increase in confidence
  • 49% increase in energy
  • 43% increase in motivation
  • Improved team communication and productivity
  • Improved empathy and understanding within the team
  • Significant shifts in mindset and confidence

How would your business change with these improvements?

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'Silencing your Inner Critic' Workshop The Power Room The Power Project
Time investment
Two hours
Ten hours
Twelve weeks
Team option
1:1 option
Offered online
Offered in-person
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Individual assessment
£500 per workshop
£4,995 per cohort
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