'Silencing your Inner Critic'

14th August, 2023.  12.30 – 14.30 BST

Discover practical strategies to turn down the volume on your fearful, critical, negative inner voice.

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Do you;

  • worry what others think about you or your business?
  • feel overwhelmed with how much you have to do?
  • worry you are not up to the job?
  • limit yourself because you are afraid to ‘put yourself out there’?
  • want to know how to stop getting in your own way?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, read on!

What happens in the Masterclass?

This two-hour interactive Masterclass (90mins + Q&A) offers an introduction to why we think and react the way we do, and how we can utilise simple tools to build better habits for problem solving, regulating ourselves and dealing with challenging situations. We give you practical tools that will help you to put in place strategies to start making the changes necessary to put yourself out there without fear.

Using a mixture of facilitation, discussion, assessments, reflection and an interactive worksheet, you are able to spend a short amount of time sharpening your knowledge about the brain and what makes us uniquely human. 

What outcomes can I expect?

This intervention gives you an insight into how your mindset affects the ways that you show up. It promotes self empathy and starts you on a path to understand your own needs and enforce those necessary boundaries, as well as improve your innovation and creativity without fear.

The masterclass will be recorded so you can catch up later if you can’t make the advertised time.


  • Tried and tested tools to implement immediately
  • A deeper level of self awareness
  • Greater emotional regulation
  • A greater empathy and knowledge of others
  • A shared experience with other entrepreneurs