Is it time to silence your inner critic?

A comprehensive introduction to understanding and changing your mindset.

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Do your teams;

  • Want to refine their mental and emotional skillset
  • Want interesting topics to explore
  • Want to test out mindset themes
  • Want a quick, light-touch intervention


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, read on!

What happens in the workshop?

This two-hour interactive workshop offers an introduction to why we think and react the way we do, and how we can utilise simple tools to build better habits for problem solving, regulating ourselves and dealing with challenging situations.

Using a mixture of facilitation, discussion, assessments, reflection and an interactive worksheet, participants are able to spend a short amount of time sharpening their knowledge about the brain and what makes us uniquely human.

What outcomes can I expect?

This intervention gives people an insight into how their mindset affects the ways that they show up. It promotes in teams a more vulnerable environment with increased empathy and understanding, paving the way for increased creativity and innovation.