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A staggering 74% of employees report demotivation as a key symptom of their low confidence*.


Financial impact

35% of businesses claim that confidence issues within the team have directly cost the business upwards of £50,000pa.


of women cite chronic
perfectionism as a result
of their low confidence.

Benefits of higher confidence

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Stronger Teams

Are your team members highly capable, but pull in different directions? 

When your people learn the skills to develop and sustain deep self-confidence, your teams naturally become more collaborative, empathetic, agile and self-managing; enabling a deeper mission focus.

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Empowered Employees

Do your leaders feel like they need to be mind-readers to keep your people happy?


Confident humans are more likely to comfortably say no to unrealistic demands, communicate their concerns, or ask directly for what they need, reducing resentment, team friction and mental health challenges. 

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Innovation and Creativity

Does your team struggle to be creative. with innovation feeling like pulling teeth?


With a solid foundation of confidence, voicing new ideas will feel less intimidating, failure will seem less ‘personal’ and egos can be comfortably put aside. Self-confident people naturally create a safe space for idea exploration.

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Productivity Boost

Is productivity within your team a struggle you are trying to sensitively solve?


With research showing that self-esteem accounts for 9% of overall productivity, investment in self-confidence creates more focused, proactive, productive teams who are less distracted by negative, destructive thinking.

Confidence Interventions

Silence your Inner Critic

An accessible, all-team, two-hour, interactive workshop delivered via ZOOM; perfect for kick-starting a wide-spread confidence, self-esteem and mental fitness conversation. 

Expect a mixture of expert teaching, team discussion, personal assessments, coaching and an interactive worksheet, all expertly designed to stimulate self-awareness, powerful conversations, and ignite a lasting curiosity for nurturing unshakeable self-confidence. 

Participants: Unlimited

Investment: £600 +VAT

Deliverables: Interactive worksheet, personal assessment, coach based delivery

The Power Room

An award-winning, ten-hour, deeply engaging small group intervention for your teams; ideal for individuals who want to deeply reflect, gain clarity, and feel more empowered, energised and confident. 

The Power Room combines NLP, Coaching, Neuroscience, Psychology and Performance Science to dive into the driving forces of individual confidence and self-esteem. Teams leave with an new level of empathy and respect for each other, and an ability to work together in a new, frictionless way.

Participants: Up to 20

Investment: £4,995 +VAT per cohort

Deliverables: Interactive workbook, personal assessment, coach-based delivery and interactive group work

The Power Project

Our ‘life-changing’ confidence programme, perfect for leaders and teams who want to re-programme the mind for life-long increases in confidence, mental fitness and productivity.

This 12-week confidence intervention uses a combination of expert coaching, gamification, app-based accountability, assessments and cutting-edge techniques licenced directly from Stanford University to permanently reprogramme the mind for greater confidence, mental fitness and emotional regulation.

Participants: 1:1 and pod options

Investment: Starting from £998+VATpp

Deliverables: Interactive workbook, App, audiobook, personal assessment

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The sessions were really great and I feel empowered about my abilities both creatively and from a ‘getting the right things done’ perspective…  Lucy was amazing, really engaging and interesting and explained the different theories in an easy to understand way.

Our research - the Academe.

How can confidence support help your organisation?

Humans are humans, whether we are at work or at home. No matter how much we attempt to pretend otherwise, deep down we are all social, emotional, hormonal beings just wanting to do and be the best.

Our people are also our business. Any feelings of self-doubt, fear, disempowerment, resentment or demotivation will impact on the success of your business. It’s not intentional, but it is a real threat.

Our award-winning interventions are expertly designed to help foster an environment of trust, empowerment and vulnerability to help your team reach their true potential.

Given that 98% of employees say they perform better when they feel confident, our interventions promise to create inspired, uplifted and motivated people, with a renewed level of clarity and confidence.

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'Silencing your Inner Critic' Workshop The Power Room The Power Project
Time investment
Two hours
Ten hours
Twelve weeks
Team option
1:1 option
Offered online
Offered in-person
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Individual assessment
£600 +VAT per workshop
£4,995 +VAT per cohort
From £998pp +VAT