Building unshakeable confidence in the neurodivergent community

Higher Self Doubt

Neurodivergent people on average have significantly lower self esteem than neurotypical peers

Over 95%

of ASD and ADHD individuals struggle with criticism and rejection known as Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)

Up to 50%

of ADHD and Autistic adults struggle with extreme or clinical anxiety

Benefits of higher confidence

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Increased Resilience

Confidence can help enable people to accept criticism and bounce back from setbacks in a healthy way .

Neurodivergent individuals equipped with self-assurance exhibit greater resilience and stronger ability to handle the complexities of living with a disability and promotes a sense of control and adaptability in the face of life’s uncertainties.

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Self - Advocacy

Confidence is a key tool in self-advocacy and feeling empowered.

Building confidence empowers neurodivergent individuals to express their needs, assert boundaries, and actively engage in advocating for much needed accommodations, creating a more inclusive and understanding environment.

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Improved Mental Health

Heightened anxiety and increased stress are common in neurodivergent individuals. 

Increased self-confidence helps to reduce stress and anxiety by helping people feel like they are able to tackle challenges they may find difficult and have the assurance that whatever the result, they will recover and thrive. 

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Improved Relationships

An increased sense of self-worth and assurance positively influences how we relate to others.

This enables more meaningful and fulfilling relationships, both romantic and platonic. In turn, this contributes to a supportive social network that understands and appreciates your unique perspectives and needs.

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This course was fantastic. It contained a real mix of people and experiences, and the worksheets help put some meaning behind some thoughts and understanding that have already crossed my mind. The delivery by Lerryn was brilliant, and hearing her experiences was wonderful, with some humour mixed in there to help people feel really at ease.


Confidently Unmasked

A 90 minute interactive workshop designed as a start to understanding the complex relationship between neurodivergence and low confidence, alongside practical tools to start building self-confidence into the future.

This interactive workshop takes ASD and ADHD individuals through our tried and tested SASS framework: 

  • Exploring their own brand of neurodivergence and how it has impacted their thoughts about themselves
  • Understanding how these thoughts have impacted their actions and confidence
  • Learning about regulation and it’s important role in building confidence
  • Building a personalised strategy for regulation and how to implement this for building confidence

Participants will have an interactive PDF worksheet to work through in the session and keep for use into the future. This workshop is easily conducted online via Zoom or Teams. 

This is a light-touch workshop, designed to introduce the science behind self confidence and tools that can be practically applied into the future in a range of scenarios to improve confidence. 



Participants: Up to 20

Investment: £400 +VAT

Deliverables: Interactive worksheet, coach based live delivery

Beyond Unmasked

An eight week group course designed to deep dive into the roots of ASD/ADHD confidence and learn tools to help build an unshakeable confidence into the future. 

Each week, participants will take a subject and look in depth at the science behind its impact on confidence and explore their own relationship with this element. Practical tools are given each week to layer techniques that help people develop strategies to improve confidence and find ways of improving their environment to suit their own unique needs. 

Subjects tackled include:

  • Regulation and its role in building confidence
  • Rejection and criticism sensitivity
  • Self sabotage (Using the Positive Intelligence framework and assessment)
  • Understanding our own needs
  • Tackling the expectations we put on ourselves
  • Communication strategies 


The course includes:

  • An editable PDF worksheet to work through and use into the future
  • Weekly live 1 hr interactive sessions via Zoom or Teams
  • A community of peers to learn from and support each other
  • Practical tools, designed to be implemented every day

Participants: 5-10

Investment: £600 +VAT per person

Deliverables: Interactive workbook, personal assessment, coach-based delivery and interactive group work