Self-Care Is your self-care the first thing to be sacrificed when the going gets tough? Contact us Self-care By overwriting our own self-care with the needs of others, we are sending ourselves a message that we are not as important as they are. We are also saying that we should be able to cope without […]

“I’ll be confident when…”

External Validation Do you rely on external validation or circumstances to feel confident, often using the phrase “I’ll be more confident when/if…” Contact us “I’ll be confident when…” A common misconception about confidence is that we gain it without effort, that it will happen when external circumstances align. By that we mean if you get […]


Positivity Do you struggle to imagine a positive vision of the future that you feel is achievable? Contact us Positivity Your brain has something called a ‘negativity bias’ which means that, without intervention, for every three negative thoughts, it will have one positive thought. This is why it is so easy to slip into negative […]

Empowerment vs disempowerment

Empowerment Do you feel that what happens to you on a day-to-day basis is outside of your control? Contact us Empowerment vs disempowerment Being in a state of disempowerment feels horrible. It makes us stressed, fearful, anxious, resentful, angry, overwhelmed and frustrated (to name a few). We feel these emotions because our minds are telling […]

Daily habits and routines

Daily Practice Do you have good intentions for positive growth habits and routines but they often get sidelined for the same old habits and patterns? Contact us Daily habits and routines We’ve all been there. Inspiration strikes. You’ve watched that program, read that book, spoken to that person and you suddenly have vivid clarity of […]

Playing small

Playing it Small Are you quick to justify, to yourself and others, why you should stay within your comfort zone? Contact us Playing it Small What is playing it small? Our minds are pre-programmed for safety, which means that we tend to automatically settle into the rhythm of something called the motivation triad; seeking pleasure, […]

Support network

Support Network Are you surrounded by people who are cautious, controlling or jealous and would rather you play it safe? Contact us Support network What is a support network? They say that we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Whether or not you agree with that statement, it […]

Taking it personally

Taking it Personally Do you take criticism and negative feedback deeply personally? Contact us Taking it personally Why do we take things personally? When we rely on external things (people, situations, accolades, money etc) to make us feel good about ourselves, it makes sense that it totally floors us when someone gives us criticism or […]


Catastrophising Are you prone to catastrophising and getting stuck in negative thought loops? Contact us Catastrophising What is catastrophising? Catastrophising is the tendency to focus on the negative consequences of a situation rather than the positive, often magnifying the potential or observed negative outcomes. This leads to a heightened sense of fear and anxiety and […]


Boundaries Do you struggle to find ways to say ‘no’ comfortably? Contact us Boundaries What are healthy boundaries? Healthy boundaries are limits and guidelines that individuals establish to protect their physical, emotional, and mental well-being, as well as their values and beliefs. They allow individuals to communicate their needs and expectations clearly and assertively, while […]