We may

be small...

…but we are mighty!

Lucy Cox - Director and Lead Coach

An award-winning business and confidence coach with over 14 years experience in the field of coaching, training, impactful program development and facilitation. 

Lucy is a certified Positive Intelligence Coach and Life Coach who brings a wealth of real-life experience; as a coach, an entrepreneur and (importantly) as a human being.

No stranger to the ups and downs of leadership, parenthood, relationships and personal growth, Lucy brings a warm, personal, empathetic energy to everything she does, developing strong, honest relationships and creating lasting impacts for all clients.

Meet us - the Academe.

Lerryn Clare - CEO

Psychologist, researcher, facilitator and teacher, Lerryn brings the much-needed Geek-chic to the team, and is the driving force behind finding data-led solutions to our clients. 

Named as one of the ‘42 under 42’, she is a serial entrepreneur, courageous leader, and has had her fair share of life’s stress-tests.

Lerryn is passionate about freeing humans from the shackles of crippling self-doubt and is dedicated to creating the best possible confidence interventions for our clients. 

Our Growing Team

We work with a number of incredible, qualified coaches and facilitators who help to realise our mission both nationally and internationally. They are passionate, highly experienced and utter champions of our mission. This enables us to flexibly scale up or down to suit your needs.