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On a mission to create confident humans.

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Award-winning programmes, skilfully designed to help leaders and teams develop deep self-confidence whilst building powerful environments based on trust, innovation and empowerment.

Individual packages

Want to silence that inner critic, learn how to set and enforce boundaries or speak with confidence? This is your first step to discovering what a confident, empowered you is truly capable of.



Lucy Cox and Lerryn Clare - sisters and co-founders of The Academe.
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I’ve felt powerful shifts in how I think and talk to myself about myself, and can more easily recognise self-sabotaging behaviours and how I respond to people and situations. Incredible!

Sound Familiar?

  • Your team is functioning… but not always pulling in the same direction.
  • Your business is keeping up… but impactful innovation feels like pulling teeth.
  • Everyone thinks you have it together… but you never feel like you’re enough.
  • You have fooled everyone into thinking you are great at what you do… it’s only a matter of time before they find out the truth!
  • You know greatness sits just outside of your comfort zone… but fear holds you back.


This is where all our Academe clients start, and they could never have imagined where they are now! The Academe offer results-driven, science-backed, tried and tested interventions.


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A Final Word

Meet co-founder Lucy Cox, as she explains how The Academe can help you and your teams overcome limitations to make lasting changes for the better.

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